“It emanated a sense of the romantic sublime with its aura of surprise and wonder.” – Peter Selz, MoMA, New York

“Luminous Earth Grid”
An electrified grid sweeps over an 8-football-field expanse of rolling hills near San Francisco.
“Five Orange Spheres”
This traveling installation has included more than a dozen sites across the USA & Europe.
The historic Dresden Cathedral (c. 1738) appears to “breathe” with waves of light.
“Sewing Needle”
A monumental sewing needle pierces the coast range of Big Sur, California.
“Breath of Life/Columbus”
A kinetic light installation is reflected in the river and is effectively doubled in size.
“Water Is Life”
This video was created for a building-scale video wall in San Francisco.
“Song of the Trees”
In ever changing groupings, specimen trees in an historic garden come to life with gentle waves of light, accompanied by an original audio composition.
“Floating Ocean Ring”
A 1-kilometer-diameter ring of mirrored spheres floats and bobs off the coast of central California.
A paint-by-number painting slips through the looking glass into the real world.
“Blue Möbius”
A 60-meter-high (200 ft.) möbius strip sits adjacent to downtown San Jose.
Kurt Vonnegut Centennial Project
Eight 50 ft. banners honor the centennial of Vonnegut's birth in Indianapolis, his home town.
“Not Parallel”
Assumptions of perspective are altered in unexpected ways in the desert.
“Bridging the Divide”
LIght streams back and forth across the expanse of the historic Augustus Bridge in Dresden.
“Defying Gravity”
A 25-ton Mack truck appears to levitate above the pavement in New York.
“Paris & New York Light Plumes”
A dual-city installation links Paris & New York.
“Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights”
Morphing washes of light simulate the Aurora Borealis in Vancouver, British Columbia.
“Suspended Landscape”
A suspended landscape simulates the topography of the Continental Divide.
Williams’ photography offers a glimpse of his visual sensibilities.
2D Artwork
Silkscreen prints, drawings & paintings.
“Floating Granite Fountain”
A five-ton slab of granite appears to float on an undulating bed of fog.
“I Am an Oak”
A projected poem scrolls up two great oaks in St. Louis, revealing a century of memories.
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