Song of the Trees
©Stuart Williams 2023. All Rights Reserved.
Marin Art & Garden Center
Ross, California
An Immersive Environmental Art Installation: Numerous specimen trees across the garden come to life with gentle waves of up lighting that slowly rise and fall in luminance. The fluid pacing of the variation in brightness is suggestive of relaxed breathing. In unpredictable and ever changing combinations, some of the most magnificent trees in the garden are animated and revealed in ways never before seen.
A low-volume audio component enhances the visual experience with an abstract composition of the sound of flowing water (the life blood of trees) artfully blended with deeply resonant low register sounds… like a vibrant leisurely chord on a cello as the cellist draws her bow across the strings. The audio score is being produced in collaboration with a noted composer in New York. The intent of the audio is to help evoke a Zen-like calmness, and a sense of wonder at the grandeur of nature.
Visitors are invited to walk into, through and around this immersive art installation. It can be experienced throughout the garden’s grounds… ever changing, with every vantage point being a different experience.
View a short video (1:29 mins.) approximating the look of Song of The Trees, along with a portion of the original audio component of this art installation.
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