“Breath of Life/Dresden”
The historic Dresden Cathedral is transformed with light and appears to “breathe.”
“Breath of Life/Columbus”
Waves of light, rising and falling at the pace of human breath, create the visual impression of respiration.
“Five Orange Spheres”
This traveling installation included a dozen sites across the U.S.A. and Europe.
“Luminous Earth Grid”
An electrified array of 1,680 lamps sweeps over an expanse equal to 8 football fields.
“Floating Ocean Ring”
A one kilometer diameter ring of mirrored spheres floats on the Pacific off the California coast.
“Paris & New York Light Plumes”
This dual-city installation links Paris and New York in a shared public art experience.
“Sewing Needle”
A monumental sewing needle pierces the coast range of Big Sur, California.
Mixed Media on Paper
“Suspended Landscape”
A suspended landscape simulates the topography of the Continental Divide.
“Paris Panoramas”
Panoramic photo sketches of iconic but less well know urban spaces in Paris.
2D Artwork
Silkscreen Prints, Drawings & Paintings.
“Floating Granite Fountain”
A five-ton slab of granite appears to float on a bed of fog.
“I Am an Oak”
A projected poem scrolls up two great oaks, as if a century of memories are materializing for all to see.
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