“Breath of Life/Dresden”
The historic Dresden Cathedral appears to “breathe” with light.
“Luminous Earth Grid”
An electrified grid sweeps over an expanse equal to 8 football fields.
“Five Orange Spheres”
This traveling installation included a dozen sites across the USA & Europe.
“Breath of Life/Columbus”
Waves of light rise and fall on the facade at the pace of human breath.
“Floating Ocean Ring”
A 1 km diameter ring of mirrored spheres floats off the California coast.
“Paris & New York Light Plumes”
A dual-city installation links Paris and New York.
“Sewing Needle”
A monumental sewing needle pierces the coast range of Big Sur, California.
“Northern Lights”
Gently undulating washes of light simulate the Northern Lights.
“Not Parallel”
Expectations and perceptions of perspective are altered.
“Floating Granite Fountain”
A five-ton slab of granite appears to float on a bed of fog.
“Suspended Landscape”
A suspended landscape simulates the topography of the Continental Divide.
“I Am an Oak”
A projected poem scrolls up two great oaks revealing a century of memories.
2D Artwork
Silkscreen prints, drawings & paintings.
“Paris Panoramas”
Panoramic photo sketches of some less well know urban spaces in Paris.
Mixed Media on Paper
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