10,000 people formed a human chain around the Dresden Cathedral and the center of the old city that was destroyed in 1945 with Williams’ light installation, Breath of Life/Dresden, soaring overhead. Photo © Craig Collins

On Location in Germany at “Breath of Life/Dresden” —
(English Translations)
“I’ve followed the press and TV coverage and wanted to see it for myself…
I have to say I’m impressed.”

– Dresden Citizen #1

“It’s intense… the beaming illumination from below brings off the effect. I really like it.”
– Dresden Citizen #2

“It is a memorable event and that is why it is so beautiful.”
– Dresden Citizen #3

“This project is of utmost importance for the observance of the destruction of Dresden.”
– Visitor from Berlin

“It's impressive.”
– Visitor from Prague, Czech Republic

"Luminous Earth Grid” drew thousands of visitors. The 10-acre electrified array was sited adjacent to Interstate 680 which links San Francisco with the state capital, Sacramento. Every 24 hours 250,000 motorists drove by in full view of the installation. Photo © Craig Collins

On Location in California at “Luminous Earth Grid” —
“This is our 3rd time here. Our 4-year-old keeps asking us... can we go see the glow again?
— A couple with their small child in tow
"Oh, I don't know anything about art, but it's so beautiful it made me cry.”
— A woman who ran up to the artist upon his being pointed out 
"What is this?... some kind of agricultural experiment? Oh... it's art?... awesome!”
— One of the thousands of visitors who came to the site each evening
"It's lovely... it's like a big electronic quilt lying on the hills.”
— A woman from a nearby town
"At first I didn't get it, but then ‘I saw the light’... it's not just a bunch of lamps up on the hills,
but the way the entire formation conforms to the roll of the land.”

— A reporter from a local newspaper in Vacaville, CA 

The Five Orange Spheres pause on San Francisco's famous Telegraph Hill on their journey across the USA and Europe. Photo © Stuart Williams

Reactions to “Five Orange Spheres”—

On Telegraph Hill, San Francisco
“That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!”
– A young woman walking by

In Central Park, New York City
“Whatever this is, it's really cool, but if you don't have a permit I'm going to have to give you a ticket.”
– New York City Park Ranger as he approached the artist 
In the Swiss Alps, Filisur, Switzerland
– A waiter at my hotel restaurant as he viewed the quintet from the terrace

In Central Park, New York City
“Wow! Will you take our picture in front of these?”
– 5 young kids from Harlem
In Palisades Park, Santa Monica, California
– A young couple strolling in the park
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