Floating Ocean Ring
© Stuart Williams. All rights reserved.
Off the coast of Southern California (diameter = 1 kilometer)

1 Kilometer in Diameter: As though an immense jeweled necklace has been tossed into the sea, a circular ring of mirrored spheres glistens in the sun as it floats and bobs on the surface of the Pacific, just off the coast of Southern California. Each hollow aluminum sphere is coated with a mirrored surface to reflect the sun. The individual spheres together describe a perfect circle, one kilometer in diameter, and are held in position by buoys that are anchored to the sea floor. This is a temporary installation that would be in place for 6 to 8 weeks.
The uniform geometrical shape of a mirrored sphere has the unique ability to reflect a pinpoint highlight of the sun regardless of the position of the viewer or of the sun. Simulation ©Stuart Williams.
The glistening ring is highly visible from the coast. California’s famous Highway One offers a magnificent vantage point as the viewer glides along the coastline, slowly snaking along the roadway as it dips, climbs and curves its way along the dramatic Pacific coast. Simulation ©Stuart Williams.
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