Site plan view... as seen from straight overhead. Click on image for a larger view.

“Not Parallel” 
© Stuart Williams 2018. All rights reserved. 
Southern California Desert (300 meters x 200 meters)

Altered Perspective:
With this installation, assumptions and expectations of perspective are altered in unfamiliar and surprising ways. Five 300 meter lengths of white PVC pipe run across the desert floor, elevated slightly above the surface. In plan, they are not parallel, but are instead arranged in a fan-like, radiating formation. At twilight, the installation becomes luminous. Solar powered LED “rope” lighting runs along the length of each of the five legs. 
Click on image for a larger view.
View looking North. From this vantage point the 5 lengths of PVC pipe appear to be longer than they really are. Because they are not parallel with each other, but are installed in a fan-like formation, the actual distance between them progressively decreases as they recede into the distance. This creates an "exaggerated and misleading" perspective causing them to appear to run much farther into the distance than they really do. Click on image for a larger view.
View looking South. From this opposite vantage point, the five lengths of PVC pipe appear to be much shorter in length compared to the view looking north (just above). Click on image for a larger view.
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